District Information

The first clubs formed in the Riverina were Wagga Wagga Golf Club (1895) followed by Deniliquin and Albury clubs (1899). They had small memberships and improvised links.
A few years later other clubs were formed and inter club games became popular. 
These Clubs became members of the Country Golf Association of New South Wales by 1911 there were 45 clubs affiliated with the association throughout NSW.
In the 1920’s it was decided that District Associations should be formed to assist in the administration.
In July 1924, a meeting of delegates of about 20 clubs was held in Wagga Wagga to consider the formation of an Association.
 Tournament golf was becoming popular, but with each club carrying on under its own primitive methods of handicapping and rules it was felt there was a need for uniformity in handicapping and control.  So it was decided at this meeting to form the Riverina District Golf Association. Dr. W.W. Martin (Wagga) was elected President and Mr. G. E. Dunstan (Wagga) Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. A constitution was adopted and proposals formulated for the following year, 1925, when 23 clubs affiliated, the area extending from Murray to Cootamundra, Young and Boorowa.
By 1930 the strength of the Association reached 51 clubs, but the following year the South-West District Association was formed and several clubs were granted clearances. This brought the number of affiliated clubs back to 41 in 1931, but this figure gradually increased each succeeding year until the peak was reached in 1938 with n61 affiliated clubs, which made the Riverina District Association the largest in the state. The second world war intervened and during the years 1939-45 many clubs were forced to close down, and the number of clubs which continued to functionwas reduced from 52 in 1939 to 18 in 1945. After the cessation of hostilities interest in golf was revived and membership increased to 34 affiliated clubs in 1946. 
Clubs in the western A rea sub group of the Riverina Association which ad been formed in 1935 with their headquarters in Deniliquin, had allotted to their area the Western Riverina Championships tournament and in 1950 formed a separate Association-The Western District Golf Association.
Our Association continued to thrive and in 1960 consisted of 34 affiliated Clubs with a membership of 2,583.
Membership in 1974 was approx. 5000 with 38 clubs.